[SOLVED] Is there anyway that I can fork from a existing feature project

I am new to the playcanvas.
Just registered a free subscription account, still could not figure out where I can access the public projects.
I would like to know is there any existing public project that I can fork on?

Thanks a lot!

There’s no one list of public projects.

You can look at the Explore section and look at Featured or Active tab for public projects.https://playcanvas.com/explore/featured

There’s the tutorials section of the developer documentation (https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/) and users ‘will’ and ‘dave’ have lots of interesting projects there.

Just bare in mind that a public project doesn’t mean you automatically have the rights to use their code or assets, especially for commercial use. You would have to check with the author before hand to be sure.

thanks a lot! that’s all I need to know.