[SOLVED] Is it possible to reference scripts in the inspector?

As the title says, I try to reference one script from another and I try to do it via inspector (as with components and monobehaviours in Unity).
It works with entities but I can’t get it to work with scripts and there is no attribute type for it.
So does it work and if, how?

There is only an ‘entity’ script attribute type - there is no ‘component’ type. It is different to Unity in that respect.

Ok, yes, I have seen that, so linking scripts directly is not possible?


Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Once you have the entity though, you can reference the script directly from it which works well for a workaround. The Model Viewer template does this if you need to see an example.

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Yeah. I set and read script variables for scriptA with scriptB all the time. Though I should probably be triggering and listening for events instead most of the time.

Yep @wturber, exactly. Events make things so much cleaner!