[SOLVED] Is it OK to built a fbx2json converter?

Just like it says on the subject, but what I’m concerned about is as in license wise.

I have found a page describing the json format used in PlayCanvas(below).


But the conversion from FBX to JSON is closed process in the PlayCanvas server.
So I thought it might just become something close to reverse engineering which violates the Term of Service.

Anyone has thoughts on this ?

Thank you everyone for comming by to read this.

As far as I know, it’s fine if you want to write your own convertor. The file format is open as it’s part of the open source engine.

There was a Blender to JSON exporter by another developer that you could use as a starting point.

Thanks @yaustar .

It must be, below discussion.

I’ll read them thoroughly.

My recommendation to you is the simply use glTF/glB formats. Those formats are an open standard and are very efficient to load:

Plus, there are already existing FBX to glTF converters available, such as:

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Thanks @will
I’ll also check that out.

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