[SOLVED] Increase quality on mobile


ive a question about render quality on moblie. while playing the application on standalone browsers, the resolution is fine - but on mobile i experience some kind of pixelated / blurry images. Are there some settings i would have to pay attention for?

Hi @Question2u!

The page below can be useful if you didn’t enable this option yet.


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Hi Albertos,

thank you very much! This setting had a huge impact - do you now some more settings which may be a boost on mobile? Basically all graphics / videos and assets are optimized and should be fine but probably there are more “hidden” settings wich improves performance / quality like this i should know :slight_smile:

Basically i was wondering, why this setting was disabled by default?

Thanks and best regards!

No, as far as I know this is the only one. With this option enabled the result should be the same on all devices (without regard to the limits of the devices itself).

Good question, personally I would also enable this option by default. Most mobile devices nowadays are very powerful and for unknown users it can be a kind of hidden option. Maybe someone of the @playcanvas_team can answer this question.