[SOLVED] Images stuck in permanent loading state

Here is a question you can post on the PlayCanvas forum about images getting stuck loading:

Title: Images getting stuck in endless loading

I’m having an issue where small PNG and JPG images get stuck in an endless loading state. When I try to upload images to my projects, the image preview never appears and the loading icon just keeps spinning indefinitely.

I’ve tried:

  • Clearing the cache and trying again
  • Loading the images in different projects
  • Using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

But the issue persists - the images won’t fully load and just remain stuck. The image files are quite small, less than 100kb each. Loading larger images seems to work fine.

It’s happening both in the editor and in preview builds. The images are hosted locally, not externally linked.

Has anyone encountered this or have any tips to fix images getting permanently stuck trying to load? Any help troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I’m having the same issue here, i think it’s a problem of playcanva’s servers, hope they will fix this soon.

Same issue here! Import not working at all in my case, assets get stuck loading.
Please keep us updated. I have a deadline tomorrow :-(((

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same problem here (France)

same issue here( Spain)

same situation I have to update my project before launch - and it is tomorrow.

Sorry for this delay, we’ve managed to solve this now. Please let us know if you see any other issues.

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also importing FBX

sorry…solved FBX + images

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