[Solved] Image resizes after importing into PlayCanvas

This is a fairly simple issue to explain.

I have a png file that is 16x24 pixels in size.
When I copy this file over to PlayCanvas it becomes 16x32 pixels in size.

This is really easy to test as you can use any program that can create a 16x24 pixel image to use for testing.
I have also tried this in multiple projects and in all projects this problem occurs.

I tried importing as a gif and had the same issue.

I have a work around at the moment I am using, which is to just create a 16x32 pixel image and just leave the extra pixels I don’t want blank, but I thought I would post here in case this wasn’t intended.


Well, I guess it’s because when you upload image to your project, Editor thinks it’s a texture. Texture’s size should be a power of two, so it makes it 16x32.

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@anon49240888 thanks! that solved the problem I was having! :slight_smile: