[SOLVED] I want to build a trajectory movement of object using XYZ matrix coordinates


If could someone help me to find the sample where I can use XYZ coordinates to biuld the trajectory of object movement…

Thanks to all for attention.

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk ,

What kind of trajectory?

Its like a car moving on road, closed trajectory…

It’s not easy to predict the movement of a rigid body unless you are using a known equation to move it. Check this library that may be of help:

If it’s a race truck then can’t you model a spline (curved line) in a modelling app and use that to render an approximate trajectory?

There are a lot of abilities in this program, what do you mean exactly…!?

I have all basic geometry (lines, splines, points) from which this road was built.

I can also pick up XYZ coordinates in any step which will need to build smooth movement…

Then I can imagine you can do the following:

  1. Parse your model and extract the positions using the Mesh API:


  1. Use each position as a point to animate your entities / render a path. This example can be useful:


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Pls be in touch, I need to try…

Solved, sample “camera-folowing” helped, everything works…

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