[SOLVED] I upgraded to the organization plan but my personal account still registers as free

I have updated my lisence as a organization,why it still limiting my container???And why I can’t transform my old project to my organization???:(:(:frowning:

What about this ?Even I become an owner as a organization’s owner?I still can’t export my project?

Your product experience is really embarrassed.

The organisation plan is a little odd.

The way it works is that projects have to be created or transferred to the organisation account and then the users need to be added to the project as admins/write/read access.

In a nutshell, you have an organisation plan that is paid for and has all the features and an allocation of seats for the accounts that are working on the projects.

There’s a bit more information in the manual here: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/organizations/

Eg. I have an ORG here: https://playcanvas.com/labsofawesome

Which my free user account is the owner of

A project under the ORG account has my free account as Admin

Which uses a seat

If I have a project under my free account that I want to be under my ORG, I transfer ownership: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/profile/projects/ (scroll down)


I only wish I can get all the rights when I pay for it!!!:frowning: I don’t want to experience your new features!:frowning:

Erm. I’m a bit confused. What rights are you missing and what new features don’t you want to experience?


I only wish my count become an organization account,but now I have delete my organization,and I don’t know what I should do next

Why do you have to delete your organisation?

Just to be clear, what particular feature do you want? From a previous topic, it sounded like you only need export for self hosting?

Because this

How many accounts do you have? It sounds like you have 2. One under MaxmilianLiu and another that is an ORG. Is that correct?

No,I just wish my account become an organization

Unfortunately, you can’t. The ORG account is ALWAYS separate to the user accounts due to make it easier to manage for a larger team.

What’s the ORG account?

Your site have an serious bug to deal with the updated bills.

Please bear in mind that I don’t work for PlayCanvas

I have deleted it again

Oh my god…Sorry for that