[SOLVED] I lost an hour of work yesterday evening?

As I had worked an hour yesterday on my project I realize that I have lost 1 hour of work - How is this possible?

I pay the Organization monthly fee.

Ouch, that’s very frustrating. @will something for you?

@Thomas_Due_Nielsen it would be great if you can say roughly what period of work was lost (eg from 11am to 12pm UK team) to help the team look back on logs/activity.

Can you describe what was lost please?

Hey, thx for the replies … its alright now, I have made up for the loss
(just surprised it can happen)

PS: would it be possible to up-prioritize a function that gives info for any down-periods?
(being visible at top level interface for users like me … use a ton of hours in here :-/ )


Ok, now we need to bring in some managers … this is not good enough. Happened to me again this morning. It looks like the hierarchy was saved, but now folders from yesterday are missing? I have a hunch that the editor makes a “save” of the scene before having loading it all


We haven’t seen this before can you please describe in more detail what happened? When you say folders do you mean entities in your scene or asset folders?

Do you happen to know if for example the work you lost was right after waking your computer from sleep?

Hello and thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: … tonight (Danish time/when done for the day) I will try to make a video or at least a series of printscreens, in order to document + same, the day after

(if a ‘save issue’, I will recommend that a scene load percentage is implemented - maybe also a ‘Now saving …’ feature)
yet, one step at a time, though

PS: yes a folder plus some materials

It may be worth saving an archive of your project at the end of each work period. We haven’t seen any data losses, but I still do this periodically due to a general distrust of not having control of a backup.

To be more explicit, that’s an “export” for the project from the Projects tab.

Can you also provide the project id and also remember to refresh the editor before starting work and after a break?

So I did let the scenes load through this morning … I presume it was it in regards to; activating interface prior to full load of scene.
On the other hand; I did find the extra folder made yesterday. As such, there must be some issues in regards to displaying the Assets folder correctly … how the system updates itself. I also got this effect while handling scenes. After duplicating a scene 3 or 4 times with no effect, the scenes were visible after a refresh. Solving as [SOLVED]

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