[SOLVED] I don't know how to make a movement in first person

Hello, could you help me? I’m making a first-person game, I have a code that doesn’t work and also my screen gets stuck. I don’t know what to do. Any help would be very helpful, thank you, please do not send tutorials, thanks.
PS: this is the link of my project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Ricardo_Reyes!

You can check the setup for a first person controller in the example project below.


Normally you are not be able to see the character with a first person controller.

Hello @Albertos !
I already have the code and it works correctly, only that you could help me add a jump, I don’t know how

Below an example project for jumping. You can try to add the jump script to the entity of your character with the rigidbody component. Maybe you need to adjust some values of the attributes.


thanks you

@Albertos I don’t know what happens but when I try the game it’s fine but what happens is that I close it but when I close it this happens

this happens again and again and again, it is very annoying to close the tab and open it again, any way to fix it?

I can’t read that message. Can you translate it to English please?

ok playcanvas.com is in control of your pointer. Press Esc to regain control
PS: when pressing esc, that message still appears

It is normal to see this message, because you have a first person controller in your project. I think it should go away when you switch to another tab. Maybe you can check the behavior in another browser?


Indeed the message disappears but in this case nothing is seen, I think it’s a browser error anyway I don’t think it will matter when the game ends and the person closes the game