[SOLVED] I deleted a folder that had everything, how do i fix it?

i am pressing CTRL-Z and nothings working

did i just lose everything?

Did you made a checkpoint?


i was heavily thinking of it

Why you delete a folder with everything in it?

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this is all thats left

well, you see, i had a folder many many days ago with all the stuff i wanted to delete, i deleted the folder with it and all the stuff got pushed out of the folder, well, i thought it would work with this too, and to my surprise, it did not


And no matter how many times i press CTRL-Z it doesnt work

is it done for?
should i delete the rest and start again from scratch?

I’m afraid that’s the only option you have. :sweat_smile:

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i just want my scripts
no way of getting those?

I don’t think so. Calling @yaustar to be sure.

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Not really, no. Sorry

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thats ok