[SOLVED] I cant to make renderTexture in my AR project.. Help

Hi Guys … I met playcanvas recently and it’s really amazing! But I’m trying a render on texture, I’m sure I’m very close but I still can not … :frowning: This is the link. Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance playcanvas is awesome

You can check Will’s example here if you haven’t seen it already: https://playcanvas.com/project/335444/overview/tutorial-render-to-texture

Thanks for answering! I think the suggested project uses the old script system … And I could not add it to my project (but I do not know if I’m wrong) … I try to do it just like this project https://playcanvas.com/project/560797/overview/tutorial -render-to-texture … I think I’ve already done everything necessary, I do not know what I’ve forgotten … Could you review it a bit?

Try adding a new material to all the models that have the render texture applied to them.
Remove the RenderTexture layer from the box.

(I added something to the RenderTexture Layer to test)

Edit: to clarify: When no material is applied to a model, it will use the default material. This will cause issues if this material is used on a model that is on a layer being rendered to the texture and if the the render texture is being applied to the same material.

Thanks :). Is solved now

Wow, that project is so old. I’ve just deleted it because I think it’s not a good solution. Here’s a new one I made today:


That render a scene once to a texture. There’s another example that shows how to render to a texture every frame (if the texture needs to be dynamic):


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Wow. ThankYou so much… Now. I just try something else. Could you help me. Maybe it’s something easy, but I can not get it. .

Rotation with raycast. Greetings