[SOLVED] I cant get this null thing to go away

I have a game that I am making, and after creating a script to turn on and off the thrusters, I got this " Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘parentElement’) ".
Does anyone know the problem? here is my game: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@Kyle_3_1415 I have had a look to your code and have seen some inconsistent things. Here are the changes I propose.

var Shift = pc.createScript('shift');

Shift.prototype.initialize = function() {

Shift.prototype.update = function(dt) {
    var app = this.app;

    //This is for turning on the extra fire when pressed
    if (app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.KEY_SPACE)) {
        this.entity.findByName('fire').enabled = true;
    } else {
        this.entity.findByName('fire').enabled = false;


I am not sure why you had the app.Start() in the code but it was removed. Also, have a look to your models and you will see that there are two ‘fire’ particle systems. The keydown and keyup are events and have to have the appropriate setup. Please have a look to this section of the API documentation to see how these work.

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Ok, it works better now. Thanks!