[SOLVED] HTML/CSS - css width of Range Slider

Let’s focus on this bit.

I don’t know we can do on the PlayCanvas side that is practical here. PlayCanvas renders in a Canvas that is a DOM object.

The developer can add any other DOM objects they like to the page. Help for HTML or CSS for these added DOMs is better served elsewhere generally because it is not specific to PlayCanvas.

I don’t see what other explanation there needs to be for this part or what you mean by PC-Atlas

I fully agree for the rendering pipeline and explanation. eg how the rendering layers work, shaders etc.

ok, get it … for diagrams: if you want to instantiate a process, I can only support it (making diagrams your self or you talking to colleagues in regards to post it ‘as a challenge’ for members)

otherwise I will pause the threads in regards to the ‘configurator-part’ of PC-community (me included) … yet, I will still brew on the thoughts - maybe make it a document for your leadership in regards to strategies and priorities etc :slight_smile:

The documentation is all open source: GitHub - playcanvas/developer.playcanvas.com: Developer resources website for PlayCanvas WebGL Game Engine

Very happy to take contributions.