[SOLVED] How to switch between 'person mode' and 'car mode' without animation

I need the code to make a gta like game where we have like two scenes which is the man mode and the car mode how can I code it in JavaScript playcanvas to change person mode to car mode and vice-versa of it .


Check this on how to rotate the door along it’s central axis, you can use the PlayCanvas tween library to make the animation:


but i don’t need animation like that i want to change between man mode and car mode.

Hi @GOKUL_ANAND! You mean you want to switch between walking and sitting in a car?

yeah exactly like that

I think the mainly thing to do is repositioning the camera. What does your project look like so far?

I made only car movement.
I can make tps movement
But I don’t know where and how to add it

Yes, you need both modes of movement in the same scene so that you can later switch between those modes.

I Made it thank you sir

You mean you solved the problem? Otherwise, can you share a link of your project?

Yes sir I solved it.
I used trigger to hide the man when he touches the car and to show when E key is pressed.

And coded the camera disable and enable in different modes.

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https://launch.playcanvas.com/1101832?debug=true link of my project

I think your project is a private project, but I’m glad you got it done.