[SOLVED] How to reduce lag in my project?

I have an idea, btw Im not gonna use templates ima just do it all by hand the patient way, rather than organizing batches by what they are (chairs, tables, etc) Maybe I should organize by the material they use. What are your thoughts?

The problem is that all your enitities have the same name ‘Box’ and as far as I know there is no filter for the hierarchy search, to find entities by a specific material.

Oh I know, I will assign all the entities to a batch manually. Btw correct me if I aam wrong, but ALL entities in a batch should share the same material, right? (I am a very patient person)

If you don’t want to use templates, I will suggest to use at least a specific entity name for the same entities. Then it’s easier to search and select for example all chair legs.

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good idea!

I am right about entities in a batch should share the material, right?

Yes, I found this answer on the page I shared.



You’re welcome and good luck! :muscle:

I just had a thought, do you think making a batch group for all the lights will do much?

Also can having too many batch groups be bad?

If you mean a lot of entities with a render component that has the same material then probably yes.

I don’t know. How many?

20 At the very very very max, but prob 8

also can I make my project 30fps, ya know like instead of 60

I think this is fine.

I don’t know, but I also don’t think this is a good idea.

ok, thanks!

The reason of the lag in your project is probably your pillars.

They all have a rigidbody. I think you can use compound collision with a rigidbody on the parent for this as well.

I finally fixed it, I think the batch groups helped a tiny bit, but what cause the game to lag so much was a giant room with a compound collision having a dynamic rigid body, after I switch to static the game was running silky smooth, thank you so much for the help!! @albertos

Oh, I just saw the pillar comment you wrote, I will fix that to, it should give it bit more performance

Well done! :ok_hand:

This problem has made you wiser in how you can optimize your project.

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