[SOLVED] How to cope with Engine-lock and/or export/import project?

I have a project that I started some months ago (not sure how many). The engine while publishing is:

So due to problems with video handling (especially in regards to formats+preload+size on an iphone 7), I have tried a lot of debugging (namely recently, as the iphone 7 just emerged after believing all was good).
As such I went back to revisit your tut on video textures - and now (after export), .mp4 suddenly works within PC on IOS/the iphone (?) {I am not entirely surprised that .mp4 is executed on the iphone (is listed as functional on the platform), but I did have a lot of issues playing it there alongside the dev process [also regardless of the known premise of pause()-then-play() handling]}

Found the engine to be newer, at the tutorial:

  • so the big question for me, is now - Can it be an advantage to download my entire ‘Engine 1.49.1’-project for then to upload it as a new ‘Engine 1.49.3’-project?
    (will there be less issues in regards to video-handling in 1.49.3?)

There’s an issue with MP4 playback on iOS in the launch tab where they don’t play https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/265

Published builds work fine though.

Is this the issue you are hitting?

Side note: We don’t have an engine lock feature. When projects are published, the published build issue includes a version of the engine that is used at the time of publish. This ensures that publish builds are unaffected by engine/editor updates

Side side note: I’ve updated the video tutorial a few times, maybe even in recent months due to Safari’s handling of MP4s so maybe that’s a factor?

Well - maybe I felt pressured to make extra exports with .mov-formats. Now I am looking at using .mp4 as one format only (luckely I was around the .m4v-format, and wondered why the tut was with a mp4-file only - so makes sense now … could be nice to inform of this in the tutorial - I got stuck due to a launch on a mac 1½ year ago).

Anyways: the lock seem to be shown as in the photos - so what you are telling me is that the build will be 1.49.3 regardless of image 1 above?

More important though; do you have new info on Safari’s way of handling mp4? Did they/Apple upgrade the handling of the format in their browser? (to me it seems like it, as currenttime works better {still with precondition, of currenttime working better on the forked tut made in 1.49.3})

MP4s as video container has long been supported on Macs with the common H264 codec MPEG-4/H.264 video format | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Whenever a build is published on PlayCanvas, the build is packaged with whatever the stable version of the engine was at the time of publish. Once the build is made, all the code, assets, engine, HTML etc is immutable and will not be affected by any releases PlayCanvas makes nor changes in the project.

What we’ve done recently is changed our approach to Engine releases for the Editor. Instead of being whatever version has recently been released on the Engine GitHub, we delay updating the version for a period of time and make it accessible to the Editor as a ‘preview’.

eg: https://twitter.com/playcanvas/status/1456227281890856968

What we’ve also done is allow uses to also use the previous minor release of the Engine if there is an issue with the project using the current release. (eg use of private APIs that have changed).

The publish window now also allow you to publish a build with either the current, previous minor or preview version of the Engine.

More details here: Changes to our Editor and Engine releases | PlayCanvas

When I say we don’t have an Engine lock feature, I mean that it’s not a feature. It’s the only behaviour and has been for many years.

I don’t think Safari’s has changed that much with the MP4 handling but it does in general handle video different from Chrome.

Best check the WebKit release notes if you want to know for sure.