[SOLVED] How do I make more than one teleporter?

i dont know whats wrong?
can the Teleport 2 be a cylinder?

Yes, why not?

  • Has the teleporter a collision component?

  • Has the teleporter a rigidbody component?

  • Has the teleporter the Teleport2 script?

  • Has the player a collision component?

  • Has the player a rigidbody component?

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yes, idk whats wrong…
im trying everything
How do i add a video to my reply, so i can show u everything
it also says
[Object Event] in red

I don’t know what you mean with this.

Reload the page

the Game engine? or the launch, i’ve
done the launch several times

@thebosser24 I’m sure that happens when you disconnect from the editor or well that’s the only time its happened for me.

is this too close to the ground

it dont say [Object event]

Yes I think so, but you can make the collision component larger.

it is supposed to be small

:frowning: it works,ur right

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