[SOLVED] How do I access app.scene.skyboxModel.meshInstances?

After a long hiatus from Playcanvas, I returned after a year. I am trying to refactor bugs between all my projects.

It seems app.scene.skyboxModel.meshInstances isn’t available anymore? I need it for reflections.

Thank you!

Disregard, I found it.


I will leave this here if anyone else runs across this issue.


Thanks for sharing!

That’s private API and potentially the method signature can change. Agreed though that’s the easiest way currently.

Another way would be to get a reference to the Skybox layer and find the mesh instances included:

const layer = this.app.scene.layers.getLayerById(pc.LAYERID_SKYBOX);
const meshInstances = layer.instances.opaqueMeshInstances
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