[SOLVED] How can I have a 3d model on the screen?

PlayCanvas supports images on the UI out of the box. I can have a picture on the screen, and it will always have the same size proportionally if I resize the screen, change the phone, etc. It will also always be on the same position where I anchored it.

How can I do this with a 3d model? I need to have a 3d model on the screen that rotates, and it must always be at the same place and have proportionally the same size. Basically, I need to have a 3d model on the screen that behaves like any UI image.

It seems that PlayCanvas doesn’t support 3d models on the screen out of the box like it supports images, or am I missing something?

If I wanted to anchor a 3d model to the top of the screen for example, and always have it the same size proportionally across all mobile devices, how could I do it? Thanks.

This might not work since I’m not entirely sure what your use-case is, but one option to consider might be using a camera to render the model on a texture that you could then manipulate on a UI screen like any other element. You could just use an extra camera with different settings to render the model you need and then toy with layers or camera setting to make it look the way you want.

It’s not exactly the same thing, but you can see something similar in this example project:


While in that project the model and skybox are being rendered on the entire screen if you for the project, you will be able to see that the image element can be anchored an manipulated anyway you want.

I hope that’s helpful.

Thanks! Apparently this was already answered here and I asked it myself as well lol. It wasn’t even that long ago, how forgetful! I also made a feature request about this. Dealing with models on the screen should be much more straightforward.

I guess this topic can be closed.