SOLVED: How can I get PlayCanvas WebVR to work on an iPhone?

Hi all,

I’m trying to get a Web VR project to work on the iPhone. First of all, I’m assuming I can do this as it prompts for Cardboard?

But when it’s running, I can’t get the camera to track the phone movement. It just faces upwards. Please have a go yourselves here:

I’ve created the project using the PlayCanvas WebVR base. The camera is all set up for VR with enableonclick and alwaysAcceptInput checked.

It’s driving me a little bit mental, so if anyone can help that would be great. I expect I’m missing something really obvious!

P.S. I’ve tested this in Chrome and Safari and also as a link from Facebook in the FB browser. None of them work.

Thank you.

Currently, iOS doesn’t work for the regular publish links in for VR (because we’re using an iframe with a different origin on the published pages)

Can you try testing with the “embed” link here: which does a redirect to the source of the iframe? Hopefully that should work.

We have a fix for this ready to deploy, but it is a (minor) breaking change and there is a bit of work preparing for it. Hopefully it will be out next week and regular publish links will work on iOS as well.

Thank you. That worked! That’s a great help. So I just need to add that extra /e into the URL?