[SOLVED] GIF Motion Texture Support?

Check this manual page on how the sprite editor works:


this is very confusing do you have an example?

here’s the link to my game so you can see if it will work on my game

As a matter of fact I am not aware of a public example that uses spritesheets. Good question, @yaustar any idea?

here’s the gif i wanted to use if you wanted to know (this is supposed to be an animated gunskin btw)

That might be better as a video texture TBH.

Here’s the tutorial for changing UVs on a material. https://playcanvas.com/project/405882/overview/tutorial-scrolling-textures

In your case, rather than scroll, you would want to set the UVs on the material to be at each frame.

Here’s an unofficial project to do ‘sprites’ with textures that uses private API: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1305675

okay i’ll try my best

oh wait can you also help me with attachments and loadouts similar to call of duty as a menu screen my goal is to create a game similar to cod mobile but for laptop and obviously different i should probably make a new post with the collaboration thing because i need help ill add you if you want here’s what the game is like so far Last Life - PLAYCANVAS

I figured it out @yaustar well part 1 of it i made a texture that’s a sprite BUT i don’t know how to make it a material please reply as soon as possible

you could set it on material, and use texture scale / offset on the same material to swap between individual parts of the texture.

how would you do that perhaps?

Similar to this (not the same) but you can use it as a base:


im not making a scrolling texture i want to turn a sprite i made into a material i can use for 3d models

see look to the right of this screenshot i want to turn that into a material that can be used as a texture in 3d models

well its a texture atlas not a sprite BUT i’m still in need of an animated material that ISN’T a scrolling texture

Here is a very quick example: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1305690

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will it work if i copy and paste the script

Depends on the use case. You may have to customise it for your usage.

i am in NEED of an animated model but i dont know how to do that i made a texture atlas sprite thingy but i need that into a material that can be used please help and I DON’T WANT A SCROLLING TEXTURE

i dont know how to customize it ugh this is stressful im terrible at coding