[SOLVED] Game works in editor play mode, but build doesn't load

So I’m getting this strange thing where when I press play in the PlayCanvas editor my game runs without issues, but I just published it and it’s not loading at all. Basically I get stuck in the grey screen where the play canvas loading bar is supposed to show up, but it never does.

The issue is specific to this one game. I’ve tried running the build in Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and I get the same error in each one. I can also run builds of other games without issues.

Below is a link both to the game build and an attachment of a screenshot of the errors I’m getting.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry about this, we are currently deploying a fix for this.

Alrighty, thanks for the swift reply!

@iikka Fix should be out now. Please try a republish

Yup, it works now. Thank you!