[SOLVED] Find nodes in models

i have a rather simple animated model of a swinging platform and need to find a transform node to hook entities in to the position of the this.

Example: model.glb/transformnodeA/transfromnodeB

How can I iterate through a model or mesh to find it?

The purpose is to constrain some other entities position to this submodes element. while the model animates of course

If you know the name of the node, you can use this.entity.findByName(nameOfNode) or findByPath if you know the exact path.

thanks a lot, this works. However I saw a video announcing features month ago and one was: Being able to see the hierarchy of nodes within a model in the editor. Any idea when this will be released?

It’s still in development and haven’t quite got to the beta stage yet. I’m guessing Q2 for beta at the moment.