[SOLVED] FBX models not loading in

I’m currently trying to upload some FBX models to Playcanvas, and I have uploading some into this project already, but either their not loading in or they are not unpacking correctly.

Here is a picture of what the assets look like in the editor upon trying to import them

Hi @aperez440,

That seems like an error kicking. What do you see if you reload the editor page?

Calling @vaios @will.

When I reload I still have the same issue. Also, I tried deleting and re-importing and I get the same issue.
However, I fixed it by taking it into Blender and re-exporting it. Once, I did that the FBX unpacked properly?

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Ah most likely then the 1st file you tried was corrupted, that has happened to me in the past.

Re-exporting from Blender seems to fix that.

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Yeah, that was likely it. Sorry about opening a new topic for this before testing that. Thanks for the help!

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