[SOLVED] Failed to run a simple script

Linked here:

I am new to PlayCanvas, I followed the tutorial here, but I just couldn’t get the script working, can someone helps me out? Thanks!

Note: the console prints “{script name here} awaiting it to be added to registry” when I run my project for the first time.

I think your reply is at the end of this page https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/getting-started/

Thanks for your reply!

the structure of code in the your given link looks very different, is that a older version of script?

Ok… it’s working…
Seems like you have to hit Save button in the text editor for codes to work…I thought it was being hot updated

Hot updated means that when you save the script in the code editor, the launch window will update with the new code using the swap() method. You still need to save the script for changes to show up.