[SOLVED] Error when loading model downloaded from the Editor

get error Error loading Texture: format not supported: ‘’".

After download I get some folders:26634080,26634081,26634083,26634084,26634085, and two json files.

But I found when I load the json as a model, the texture url is “res/model_girl/26634080/…/26634085/maria_diffuse.png”

,and will load “res/model_girl/26634083/[object Object]texture”

Not really and expert when it comes to models, but try using a different format.

But this model worked fine on the web editor, I download it and use “app.assets.loadFromUrl” to load it will get this error !

This PR is supposed to fix that:

Waiting on a response from @max/@moka before it can be merged though.

Sorry I took a while to respond, but the problem (as @will said) is probably the playcanvas engine itself.

It took a while, but Engine v1.24.5 was just deployed and it should totally fix this now (thanks @moka!).

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