[SOLVED] Entity won't render when it is enabled

The ANIMATE THIS KYLE wont render when it is activated.

For some reason he does not appear to render at all despite being activated can anybody see the issue? PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Probably the Body entity need to be enabled too?


no that supposed to be not enabled

So what should be rendered?

@Brent_Reddick This has nothing to do with the render but you have not fixed the missing camera as well.

In the bones there are body parts

no the cam dos nothing

Camera is not needed here. It’s unused and removed in a new version of the script.


so is it a glitch, or is there a reason for it not appearing?

I don’t see any render components on the bone entities?

the green man wont render click on his body parts and you will see

I found the render components now. It all seems to be good on my side. I can see the character in editor and launch.

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So why wont it appear?

I wont appear when I launch the game



I have one more thing maybe you could help out with

so the exit vent trigger wont work on the vent scene, when you reach the exit you should switch scenes but it wont

Every problem in it’s own topic please.