[SOLVED]Enable an entity trouble

Hello, i have slightly modified my code and i have:

var enEnt= app.root.findByTag('terrain','wall',"Ttower","house","house1","house2","house3","sea","shop");
for(var t=0;t<enEnt.length;t++) {
                if (enEnt[t].name==='Terrain') {
                } // added this to see if the terrain entity was in the enEnt list

but the terrain entity seems to not show and the player keep falling endless, any clue?

Standard debugging questions:

Have you checked what gets returned by findByTag?
Are the tag names in the correct case?
Is the name you are checking against in the correct case?

@yaustar yes to all questions…will check again for the 20th time just to be sure

Can you provide a screenshot of what gets returned here?
Have you manually checked that the terrain entity is in that list?
Is everything else being enabled?

@yaustar when you asked me that question a dubt pop up in my mind, so i went to check and found where the tag was missing, since i had a main terrain group that inside had the terrain script, the trees, rocks etc. and i missed the tag in terrain script :sweat_smile: silly of me

Just checked and it works fine … sorry again, it made me loose my sleep tonight this silly thing

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