[SOLVED] Element input broken in 1.58.1

Good day everyone,

I’m working on a new project, and it appears that Element components with ‘Use Input’ enabled have been negatively affected by changes in 1.58.1. This issue is true for elements with and without a ButtonComponent. When clicking on an input element, the following error is thrown:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new blank project
  2. Add a screen element and a button element
  3. Launch App and click the button
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with 1.58.0



Issue opened here:

Hope this report is helpful to anyone running into this! Running the app in 1.58.0 is a temporary work around until the bug is fixed.

EDIT: This issue appears to be affecting Firefox only.

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Confirmed, I can reproduce this on my projects only on Firefox:

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Fix is here:

We’re in the process of releasing a patch. Stay tuned.


@eproasim The patch is deployed. Can you try again please and let us know if everything is OK for you now?

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Hi @will !

Just tested in Firefox 107.0 and can confirm the fix has stopped the errors. Thank you to the Playcanvas team for jumping on top of this issue so quickly!


Excellent news! We’re glad you’re up and running again. :smile: