[SOLVED] Editor - Entity Enabled Status


The entity enabled status value has been set to “enabled” for all entities in my scene hierarchy automatically for both my open projects and legacy projects I have just re-opened. This appears to have occurred sometime in the last hour.

Is this the result of hidden editor changes or something related? It is deeply frustrating and dangerous for such things to occur. I would appreciate a prompt and comprehensive response to this issue.


@vaios ?

Edit: We are investigating and working on a fix as soon as possible.

Yes, this was due to a deployment this morning with changes to pave the way for Editor Scripting/Extensions to be possible.

I can confirm this happened to a project of mine as well, all entities were enabled.

Early investigation makes us think that this is only a client side issue and changes have not been made to the data on the servers. Please hold tight and not make any changes as we making the fix as soon as possible

We understand that this is incredible frustrating for you and this is something we should not have missed.

Yes, seems like this is a UI/editor issue. The runtime app when running correctly shows the entities that should be disabled as disabled.

Edit: Though in editor all entities have been enabled in viewport and can render (elements, models etc.)

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Deploying the fix to our dev environment to test

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Deploying to Production now

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Editor reloaded and issue seems fixed here!

Fix has been deployed to Production :rocket:

Please refresh the Editor.

Again, we are very sorry that we missed this during testing :disappointed:

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Looks good here.

Thank you for a prompt response and resolution to the issue.

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Also yesterday, it happened to me that one of my UI screen including texture, fonts had no references to the images/fonts from the assets suddenly after a refresh. I refreshed again and it did not fix the issue so I had to remake that UI screen, not sure what happened in that case.

That was unfortunately due to another release yesterday that caused this: Critical Editor Bug - Assets are getting de-referenced - #15 by stan - We hotfixed that issue too :disappointed:

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Ah okay, I thought that was just me, Thanks for the fix