[SOLVED] Editor does not load... :(

At 8:35 am the editor stopped working and does not load any projects.

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Can confirm the same thing over here:
around 13:40 GMT+1)
We have a major release tomorrow and as of right now I’m locked. I thought about it a few times…“what if servers are down just before we need to make a release…”
This is to me the biggest downside of playcanvas editor and the whole service approach.

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Thanks for the report, we are investigating immediately.

currently 13:50(UTC+1) in italy and the editor is down for me as well. Such a shame, hope that recent work won’t be lost.

We will post updates in this thread as we find out more details

Do you need to make a build? It looks like the REST API for builds may be okay to use

Hi yaustar,

We’ll need to make a build later today, in about 4 hours. But we also need to make some late minute changes to the project, so unfortunately, we can’t ship it in the current state. Hopefully it will resolve soon.


We are investigating the cause and establishing possible fixes

I haven’t been able to use playcanvas for a few hours either.

My project can be load, but the mesh of some FBXs are missing.

After re-upload the FBX, it seems ok.

And we’re back.

Seems like it’s back online, all the progress I had (mainly scripts) seems to all be there.

It seems to work again !!!, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks.

Yes, everything works great again! :sweat_smile:
Thanks for fixing this quickly!

Why some meshes are missing?

Are they still missing when you fully refresh the page?

We are really sorry for the time lost during the downtime caused by the outage.

As Will mentioned above, the PlayCanvas service is now back online as we have isolated the cause and are currently investigating why and how to prevent this issue in the future

Looks like hosted builds are not working. Is this a related issue?

Hmm… hosted builds seem fine on my end. Are you referring to previously hosted builds or new ones?

Previously hosted. However, they seem to be working again now. It would be worth looking into this in addition as it certainly was not just restricted to editor functionality.