[SOLVED] Editor crash while adding new script ( see video)

since monday, it would always freeze the browser for about 5 minutes while adding a script to an entity in the editor… and it is very strange because after a while the script component in one or all the entities were disappeared in the inspector

Hi @potatoInHouse,

Did you not if this happens on a specific combination of project/entities/scripts?

This seems like a bug, would you like to report it to the editor repo?

It happens to all the scene and entity/script of this project.

I think it could be something wrong with my script but I don’t think this will cause the editor to fail

and yes I can report to editor repo

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Does this happen on new projects? Or just this one?

If you can, can you give me read access to the project so I can make a private fork (I’m part of the PlayCanvas team) to look at the issue?

Username is yaustar

Done, and it only happen to this one, other projects are not affected

Replicated the issue in your project fork so deep diving into it and trying to isolate the issue.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing up the bug!

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thanks a lot! but I just curious about what did I do to trigger this bug?

We think it’s a bug from an Editor/Backend change we did recently but wasn’t noticeable unless there was project with many entities in the scene editor.

Thanks to your project, we were able to isolate a reproduction case and narrow down the cause.

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