[SOLVED] Editing a Template asset

Hi !

This is kind of related to this topic : Selecting a template to preload

Iโ€™m discovering the new templates system, and when I import my FBX containing a collection of 3D models, all the models are imported as render assets, and a template asset (is this the correct terminology? :sweat_smile:)

If I drop this template asset in my scene hierarchy, I obtain a template instance, containing all my renders.

This is all cool :stuck_out_tongue: BUT as I said in my other post, I will now only load and instantiate a template when I need it.

How can I edit a template without having it in the hierarchy? By editing I mean renaming/tagging/repositioning the contained renders.

Right now I drop the template in the hierarchy, do my edits, apply the overrides (as explained in the user manual), and then I remove it from the hierarchy because I donโ€™t want it to be automatically loaded at runtime.
Is this the way?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. What I typically do is have a blank scene specifically to edit templates in so I donโ€™t mess around with the main scene.

I will also have two Editor tabs open, one for the main scene and the other for template editing

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Oh cool idea, will adopt that, thanks :smiley: