[SOLVED] Drag mouse to move camera around object like i8

Hi all,

Is there a way to make the camera move as the player clicks and drags the mouse?

Create a new project based on the ‘Model Viewer Starter Kit’ and look at orbit-camera.js.

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Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I needed to get started on my new app.

@will, is there a way to make playcanvas AR without markers? This is also a key component of the app.

8th Wall is probably your best bet at the moment. Works on both iOS and Android and doesn’t need an ARCore compatible phone.

@yaustar, could you please let me know how to use 8th wall with the playcanvas engine?

I haven’t got round to trying it out myself yet. I’m hoping it be relatively straight forward.

Thanks, I’ll try and get back to you.

@DevilZ here is an example markerless AR playcanvas project you can fork:


Instructions: https://docs.8thwall.com/web/#getting-started-with-playcanvas

I’ll take a look. Thanks @atomarch

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I have made a fork of the project and added a key correctly in the external scripts space. The scene only has a static cube but does not start (I could only see the 8th logo.). I lost something?

I tried it from aframe.io and the app run. Help! Thanks in advance