[SOLVED] Distortion of cameras on some machines

Hi Everyone,
We are doing an interior and we have code that moves the camera around in real time while changing the FOV.
On some machines we are getting nasty distortions. Just some machines, Chrome or Firefox.
These screen shots were taken from Chrome

I’ve never seen that effect before. Are you saying that the effect only happens as the FOV is changing? Is there a pattern to making this happen? Do any other PlayCanvas apps produce the same effect?

It was new to us too Will, It only happens on a single dev’s machine, we couldn’t recreate it on any other machine or platform. Chalk it up to bad hardware.I guess.

Or more specifically, bad drivers, perhaps? Maybe try checking if that machine’s drivers are fully up to date. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that’s the case, it shows up on older machines with out of date drivers.

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