[SOLVED] Cubemap doesn't work properly?

Can you share a fork project with just that cubemap please?

CC’ed @slimbuck

same problem

Our project has security issues in its modeling.
So I will share a new fork project(with only cubemap) next week.
Thanks to reply!


The project doesn’t have the cubemap in this state:

So I can’t reproduce the issue. Can you give a project with the cubemap in the old state please?

I can’t reproduce this with our test cubemap

I noticed in this project that the environment reflections look wrong.

This is a bug in the cubemap loader, so submitted https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/4445 to fix it.

(I’m not sure if this is the original issue you had though).

If you run your example again the latest engine this is fixed PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Was that your issue @james_Kwon or is there still something else?

has it been updated?
Still the problem persists.

It hasn’t been updated as we can’t reproduce your issue as shown in this video: Cubemap doesn't work properly? - #9 by yaustar

Can you give a project with the cubemap in the old state please as shown below


I can’t reproduce the issue from your video in that project as it doesn’t start like this

Should it look like this?

Yes it is!!

Ok, we have an engine fix for this that will be released in engine 1.55.

We are looking to release it early this week and have it in Preview for people to test with. Keep an eye out for a newsletter in your email :slight_smile:

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thank you!

Have cubemap related matters been updated in version 1.55?

Unfortunately, we had to revert the fix due to some backwards compatibility

See: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/4453

We will have to apply a fix later in the Editor :frowning:

We are looking into a fix for the Editor at the moment so hopefully will be released soon