[SOLVED] Creating Effects In 2D Screen


I’ve been trying to create a burst/pop effect on some of my images during an event, which are contained in a 2D screen. I am aware that it is not possible to have particle systems inside a 2D screen, so how would I go about creating my effects?

This is being worked by the team.

For the moment, you can use a particle system in world space but using a second camera and on a different layer that is between the world and the UI layer.

You can then work out where the UI button/image is in world space and place the particle system there.

Never quite done something like this before @yaustar. A script example would help.

You can try to use a similar approach shown in this example.


Thanks, I will look into these, and revert.

@Albertos was able to come up with a very effective solution, which I’m sure he will be able to explain best.

we can now also have particle system within 2D Screen, see example: