[SOLVED] Cost for more space : Freeing up space

We hit the 10 gig limit a lot on our Corporate account, is there an upgrade to get more space?

Also, could someone from Play Canvas take a look at the Aareas account?

I deleted every app I could and it never changed the reading on the amount of drive space we have, guessing that the refresh isn’t instant always

((Typically it’s been really quick to update))

I have to fork one of our bigger projects and I can see we’re at 10 gigs still even after deleting a bunch of stuff.
I don’t want to fork a 3 gig project and have it fail, though we will most likely need more space going forward.

If you are on an org account you should probably email support@playcanvas.com with these kind of questions. If you’ve run out of space it should be showing you an Upgrade button.

Thanks, will look for that button!

I am waiting for an answer from support since yesterday on the way the space is reading and upgrades.

That button isn’t showing or I don’t know where to look, this is a corporate account and not a personal one so maybe that differs. The corporate accounts have a weird split so might be looking in the wrong place.

Hi @Mike_Kennedy, we’ve now responded to your request via e-mail. :slight_smile:

That’s great, thank you very much!