[SOLVED] Clear coat shader


I want to make a car configurator using playcanvas. But, I have not found yet how to make a clear coat shader here. Does it already exist in playcanvas? Not yet? Or should I create the shader? If so, how can I reuse the Physical shader in mine, in order to keep all the inputs that already exist?

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Hi @AntoninHS and welcome,

From what I know there isn’t a clear coat shader available for Playcanvas. Most car rendering examples usually use a simple metallic/reflective PBR.

It would be cool to have something like that to simulate that kind of surfaces. To create a shader on top of the existing Physical shader you should leverage the Playcanvas shader chunks system. It allows you to override only the relevant parts of the shader and keep the current inputs/lighting/shadows etc.

Here is a forum thread to help you get started:

Thanks a lot for your answer, I’ll look at this. :slight_smile:

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Hi - I recently joined the PlayCanvas team and will be adding clear coat to the standard material very soon - it would be great to get your feedback once its ready.


Hi ray :wink:
We also create a car configurator at the moment and I just wanted to ask when we can test or use your clear coat material you’re implementing right now?
Our project deadline is already in 2 weeks … so it would be great to get a fast solution for the problem… Or is there maybe a workaround to get better results than just the normal PBR workflow?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@ray has just submitted a PR that implements clear coat:

This now needs to be reviewed, merged and deployed.

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Oh, thanks a lot, I am going to test it !

OK, the PR has been reviewed and merged. It will go out with the next engine deployment (probably next week).

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Hey Will!
When do you think the clear coat shader / next engine deployment will be available?

I think an engine release before the end of the week is highly likely @mglaser. Don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten about you. :smile:

This just got deployed to production.


I cant find how to use this shader, could you help me with that? Is there a sample project where I can find how it works?

The v1.127.0 release came with an example:


The two new clear coat properties on pc.StandardMaterial have not yet been exposed to the Material Inspector in the Editor, so you can only enable clear coat in script for now. The Inspector will be updated some time soon.

Hi will, has the clear coat material exposed in the editor or we still need to do this via script?


Hi @nazeer_sany ,

At the moment it is not exposed from the editor but you can apply it via script.


Yes , did that. But wanted to tweak and visualize the materials in the editor directly instead of running the script and refreshing the game every time, which is a time consuming.

Yes that can be pain to do,
To overcome that I make my own interface using Dat.GUI, just as an example for clear coat,
I have made a sample project:
The build: ( on the top right corner you can change the "clearCoat’ and “clearCoatGlossiness” and you wont have to refresh.

The project:


Dat gui? We now have our own UI library! Go port now, soldier. Report when done.

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Affirmative Major, On it!

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Thanks bro, was thinking of the same solution.
Let me know when you update the link.