[SOLVED] Changing the logo of exported project

i see i need to pay 50$ month to change the playcanvas logo, but if I pay 15$ and download my project wouldn’t I be able to change the logo-image in the downloaded project to my own?
I would like to use this tool, but I really want be able to use my own logo in my own games, and don’t have 50$ in order to do so.

If I get the 15$/month option and export my project then change the logo that way, is that wrong? Is it illegal or frowned-upon? I hope you’ll be able to understand my issue and sorry my english is bad, not native speaker.

Hello, are you talking about the Loading Screen ?

yea, the loading screen

if I pay for the option to download my game to my computer, wouldn’t I be able to replace the PlayCanvas image with my own?

If I do this, is it against rules? I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed to modify the files after I download them to my own machine so that I can upload it to another site with my own logo / branding / title of game

Ah, it would be very nice if PERSONAL CHOOSE allows to custom loading screen.
But when I download the project, there’s a __loading__.js in the zip.
I don’t know if the src of the logo can be replaced and like what you said, is it against the rules ?
I have no idea. :slight_smile:

Hi PlayTester.

The relevant section of the our terms of use is:

If you are accepting these terms for use with the Personal plan you agree that you will not modify the loading screen as supplied by publishing your application or downloading the application for web or for mobile devices. You agree that you will display an unmodified PlayCanvas logo for the duration that the your application is loading.

The main point here is that for Personal plans we require the PlayCanvas logo to be displayed for the duration that your application is loading.

You could do this:
Have some assets for preloading, that will show PlayCanvas logo, and then have some assets that you unchecked “preloading” they will be loaded in async, but you will have to build overlay screen with your own loading progress bar, and logic around that.

So you will have best of both - give some credits to the tool you are using, and have your own logo after.
Best of both :slight_smile:

honestly, that’s upsetting.

I can understand requiring the playcanvas logo if you’re using it for free. but if i’m paying money, why do I have to still be branded?

and why don’t you offer an in-between price for those who want to remove the logo but don’t need the other additions of the ORG tier.

I wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars more in order to modify the loading screen. but I will NOT pay 50$ to do it, as i don’t need any of the other features that come with ORG.

even better, and something that i think playcanvas should REALLY do, is offer a choose your own subscription, where you pick out the features you want, and you pay based on what you have selected. honestly, all i need is 200mb storage, 1 private project, download access, and custom loading screen. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE the ability to do this. and I know many others would as well. please consider!

in fact i’d really only consider paying more than 15$ if there was an offline mode available as always needing internet is a bit worrysome

Good idea ! If there are many choices available, and we can choose some features, and every feature might be, for example, 5$. Of course, different feature has different weight($). Then we can choose the feature we really need. That would be very thoughtful. :grinning:

I’m new, so excuse me for throwing in my lot, but it’s important that the developers get their share. They are providing a significant service. It’s their code. Their platform. Do you want somebody “adopting” your game and re-branding it? If your own brand is important enough that you wouldn’t want someone adopting it as a full work of their own, don’t expect the same out of other developers.

This has now changed and all users can change the loading screen logo. Below you will find the current price plans.

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