[SOLVED] Cant Read Keyboard of Undefined

@Thebosser_24 Sorry to hear that. All browsers should come with a debugger kind of built in. So when you launch your game you can do one of the following.
You could hit F12 to pull up the inspector.
You could use ALT click on the page in chrome and select inspector
Under the menu for your browser you should be able to get a drop down that you can select developer.

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thank you

I mark this topic as ‘solved’ since the project with the issues is no longer available unfortunately.

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yea, i feel so dumb :sweat_smile:
now i know not to do that

im not going to give up tho, so im gonna restart with a new game

but i guess it fixes all of the problems

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thank you guys for your help

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@Thebosser_24 You can do it. Please use some of the great examples available to help. Take them as they are and then slowly modify them to make them fit your idea. Here are some great starting points.


You can have a look at something I have published.


Also, do a lot of searching on this forum. Most likely someone else has had the same question before. As usual the great members of this forum will help the best they can.

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thank you sooooo much, and the team is pretty familliar with me :laughing: :laughing:

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