[SOLVED] Can't add script to entity

Hello, why can’t add a script to an entity with 4 scripts? isn’t possible to add more than 4 scripts to an entity?

Sure you can do, as many as you like, not aware of any hard limit.

What steps are you doing and what kind of error are you getting?

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As a side note, you can only add one instance of each type to an entity.


as you can see i have the charAbilitySheet.js but when i click on the add script it is not in the list

Deleted and re-made the script now it works…don’t know what happened. Thanks

There is a chance there was a parsing error on that script, it can happen when there is a code syntax error, or some attributes aren’t properly defined.

No i guess it happened coz i created it after the editor was in standby for too long so i had to refresh it to see the new created js file