[SOLVED] Cannot read properties of null (reading 'element') and Cannot read properties of null (reading 'url')

I’m hit with a double whammy on this one. I was checking my team’s project and found that our How to Play scene has two issues “cannot read url” and “cannot read element.”

I tried to change the placement of the braces “{}” but to no avail. Can someone help?

For the url

For the element

Hi @RafaGarcia!

It looks like you try to change the scene. Please check my post below.

If you still have problems, please share a link of your project.

Hello. Sorry for the late reply. I’m using the script you provided. It works, but the scene changes automatically instead of being initiated by a click. Can you help me with this?

Where did you add the code that I provided? Did you replace the other scene load scripts with it? Otherwise they are probably going to conflict with each other.

I made a new script specifically for the About Us screen. The other buttons for the main menu work except for the About Us button. So I made a new script for the button.

Here it is:

Right now the code is executed as soon as the script is active. Probably at the start of your game. I guess you only want to execute it when you click on the button. Please check the page below to see how you can do that.


Thank you very much. This is much simplier than what my school is teaching me tbh. Thank you very much for the help. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! The changeScene API is new, so maybe the school doesn’t know yet.


That’s a possibility. Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: