[SOLVED] Cannot download a new build


I have been unable to download a new build of a project for the last 30 minutes. Is there a problem with the editor or backend infrastructure?



Finally worked after an hour. I would like to know what the issue was and how to avoid this in the future as this is a feature I utilise regularly.

I would propose the introduction of a status page, like GitHubs (https://www.githubstatus.com/), to provide better feedback for users / customers.



@mr-jose Sorry about this, we were/are unusually under heavy load for downloading projects :frowning:

My team and I are getting this same issue.


Unfortunately, it’s a case of waiting on that screen. Don’t refresh/restart as that kicks off a new build/job.

Can you try again? I’ve just downloaded a build and it seemed nice and fast to me.

I think these issues were reasonably short-lived. It seems like it just effected us for that one day.

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OK, thanks for letting us know. You’ll see continual improvements on this type of issue in the coming weeks. We are full steam ahead on scaling our back-end right now.

Resurrecting this old post. Same issue again this evening, waiting on a build for over 20 minutes, any idea what is happening?

I’ve just tried this myself and looked on our dashboard and can’t see any issues or have problems downloading a build zip of a project.

Can you refresh the page and try again please?

Okay that’s work now, I hesitated refreshing and starting a new build too often in case they were stacking up. Not sure why it wasn’t working for a period, as I did attempt refreshing / building at least 3 times before I made the post.

Hmm… @sumygin Can you take a look of possible errors in the logs?

@mr-jose Do you have the rough times you tried builds and can we also have your time zone please? Also, if it happens again, can you open the devtools in the browser and see if there are any errors there please?

@yaustar I believe I attempted the build at 21:00 BST UTC+1. Yes I’ll make a record of any errors if this happens again.