[SOLVED] Can we put different versions of PlayCanvas games on other platforms?

I just wanna know if were able to?

What do you mean by ‘different versions of playcanvas games’?

Its tghe same game but on different platforms thats what I was trying to say

You see I’m making a mobile version of a game that is made with Playcanvas. The mobile game is made with Unity. Can we upload to Playcanvas. If not then we’ll try another way.

As long as you have rights to said game, then yes, it can be on different platforms.

No, you cannot upload a Unity game to PlayCanvas. You be better off doing a WebGL build of the Unity game and uploading to some hosting space if you want a playable HTML5 version of the game.

If you are talking about hosting the mobile Unity build on PlayCanvas, you can link to mobile version (eg a Play Store link) and have the PlayCanvas version of the game show that link. That would be fine.

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Okay thx.

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