[SOLVED] C# support for PlayCanvas

for the next update of playcanvas,
i want for playcanvas to support C#, like in my previous topic
i said i tryed turning c# code to javascript.
so if playcanvas adds c# support it will be easy to make a minecraft clone
or easier to add wall running.

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Hi @BarleyStudios,

So, indeed c# is quite popular especially with people coming from Unity.

Though browsers, that is the deployment environment for HTML5 applications like PlayCanvas, can’t execute c#.

Potentially with web assembly gaining widespread support that can change, though I’d say this isn’t something that would bring significant benefit to the platform (instead it can lead to several maintenance and performance problems).

A good alternative to this is to use Typescript. It’s quite close to c# in its syntax and architecture (they were created by the same scientist), and compiles directly to JS.