[SOLVED] Bullet script problem

Hello, I do not know what’s the problem with my script I selected the entity and made sure that is the same name as my created entity, every time I try to click the shoot button it displays an error. also, it happens that every time I launch the game the bullet is not visible.

Here’s my project link: DACILLO_MIDTERMS_MNMTECO | Editor (playcanvas.com)

the script is named “orbBullet”

Hi @Miggy_Dacillo! What is the asset that you try to instantiate?

the one in a ballthrow

@Albertos the one in the ball throw

What is the exact name of the asset you want to instantiate?


I’m not sure if that’s a good asset for this use case and the ID of Sphere.002 is not the same as the ID you use in your script.



Oh what asset should i use? @Albertos

oh ok thank you so much