[SOLVED] Build system offline?

Is it just me, or is the build system currently offline?

It’s been “preparing build” for about 15 minutes now, which normally takes about 5 or 6 seconds…

Just stopped that and tried again, same result.

I think there may be a problem.


It’s fine for me on a small project.

Hmmm, for me, the little wheel just keeps spinning. :frowning:

Which project? What are the steps you took to encounter this problem?

(private only, I’m afraid, but I assume @will can look…

I go to Publish, on PlayCanvas.
Get to the build page, select all my scenes, concatenate scripts
then press the button

I get the spinner in the image square just spinning. It never stops.
I think maybe it is actually doing something in the background though, because when I went there just now to recreate the steps for you, the previous build is actually there.
The new one is just stuck spinning away now though.

Actually, I can’t look at your private projects. Well, maybe I could, but our policy is not to do that. We would ask for your permission first.

I’m not sure what could have caused this. Perhaps you had had that Editor page open for a long period and it lost its connection to the server. A refresh of the Editor page often resolves these kinds of things. Maybe just delete the build that won’t complete (if the delete option is there)?

@will Interesting, and spot on! Even though it was fine letting me edit some values a little earlier, the publishing obviously got upset. You’re right, I’ve probably had that same window open for a week, although it has been refreshed a couple of times. Everything else was still working though, so I didn’t think of refreshing again. That fixed the problem. Thanks!

I’ll know to try that first in future. :slight_smile:

Also, good to know about the privacy policy. Makes perfect sense. Thank you!