[SOLVED] BUG - Editor "Builds" runs off the page

How Builds appear (cuts off the drop down arrow on the right for each item):

How the other tabs appear:

For some reason my project editor’s Builds segment goes off the page and prevents me from accessing the drop down to delete builds.

Every other tab (Scenes, Publish, Version Control) are all scaled correctly. This issue persists on every browser and device I’ve tried, and only for one of my projects (PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine). This is likely because I left a long release note for one of the builds.

Please let me know how to resolve this as I want to clean up my builds.

Try using the mouse scroll wheel.

… also try the up / down arrow keys.

I’ve tried. Doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t scroll and mouse keys simply control the scene.

Temporary solution is to try zooming out of the page (Ctrl + scroll up/down).

Wonderful suggestion! Unfortunately even at the max they’re inaccessible.

There’s no urgency but this is just a bug that has been there for some time that I was hoping would go away eventually but hasn’t.

Here’s the inspector code that is breaking:
<span class="ui-label notes no-wrap">[LONG TEXT]</span>
from the class: ui-list-item complete
With some fiddling I’ve found that deleting this item or removing no-wrap fixes it so should be good in the short term from my end :slight_smile:

Only other way I can think of is to open Chrome’s developer tools and remove the offending DOMs?


Odd. Both worked fine for me.

Hi @haidarcorp. Thanks for reporting this bug. I have a fix thats on its way out today!


This should now be fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if you have any other issues.


Wonderful, glad to have helped!